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Triple 3x 120"/10 foot Heavy Duty T1.4 Lighting Equipment Stand with Alloy Construction & Travel Bags



(3) x Portable and Convenient Light Stand Carry Bag

- All-in-one bag will store your backdrop support stand, umbrellas, muslins, lights, and even your camera.
- Water resistant durable premium 600d oxford nylon.
- Reinforced seams provide ultimate protection for your items.

(3) x Heavy Duty Air Cushion Spring Studio High Output Background Support System Stand

- Premium heavy duty aluminum alloy construction.
- Easy quick-release three leg system with precise height control.
- Light weight and easy to move.
- Industry standard mounting tip.
- Fits most flash/strobe lights, umbrellas, and reflectors.
- Solid safety locking system.
- T1.4?? support system
- Height adjustable from 50"- 120".u