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Reflector Boom Arm Extension with Two Umbrella External Flash Mount Stands and Reflector for Photography



(2) x Studio Tripod 7ft Tall Studio Quality High Output Stand

- Zinc stud head.
- Extends to a maximum height of 7ft.
- Can be used with light fixtures or boom arms.
- Die cast steel for quality build.
- Heavy duty with load capacity of about 20 lbs.

(3) x Photo Flash Hot Shoe Mount Holder with Lever

- Made of high impact plastic for durability.
- Easy to mount and holds tightly.
- Lever attached.
- Compatible with any standard flash.
- Built-in umbrella holder.
- Swivels to enable versatile angles.
- 4.5" in height

(1) x Heavy Duty Bucket Counter Weight Sand Bag

- Light weight , versatile, and compact.
- Can be filled, emptied, and refilled with sand, gravel, or other similar contents.
- Easily hooks onto the end of a boom arm.
- Max load: 15 lbs.

(1) x 22" 5-in-1 Collapsible Portable Multi Reflector Disc Panel

- 5-in-1 reflector with five different reflective surfaces can be used to fill in, reflect, diffuse, absorb or soften light.
- Translucent: Creates softer lighting to minimize shadow.
- Silver: Emphasizes contrast.
- Gold: Creates warm tones.
- White: Creates a neutral color.
- Black: Blocks out any unwanted light.
- Durable and flexible steel frame, can be easily folded into a small size.
- Size when opened : 22" diameter
- Size when folded: 9" diameter
- Can be used indoors or outdoors.
- Comes with a zippered carrying bag for convenient storage.
- Perfect for 3/4 length portraits and medium still-life setups.
- Package includes: 5-in-1 multi collapsible light disc reflector and carrying case.

(1) x 86" Boom Stand Kit with Reflector Holder Premium Heavy Duty Steel Construction

- Zinc stud head.
- Extends to a maximum height of 7'.
- Heavy duty die cast steel construction for quality build.
- Maximum load capacity of about 20 lbs.
- Built in easy boom clamp.
- Screw reflector holder included.
- Built-in boom arm.

(2) x 33" White/White Premium Shoot Through Umbrella Light Modifier with 8mm Shaft

- Made of high quality nylon material.
- White internal face and white outer side.
- Produces a neutral color temperature and eliminates glares and spots.
- Can be used with both flash and continuous lighting.
- Lightweight and easy to use.
- Adjustable light head for accurate light placement.
- Aluminum construction shaft.
- Shaft size: 8mm
- Size: 33" wide

(1) x 33" Black/Silver Premium Bounce Umbrella Light Modifier with 8mm Shaft

- Silver reflective face and black outer side.
- Silver internal face: Adds contrast and increases highlights.
- Aluminum construction shaft.
- Weight: Less than 1 lb.
- Color: Silver and black
- Shaft size: 8mm
- Size: 33" wide