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Photo Video Studio Light Kit



33" Studio White Umbrella Lighting Reflector (x2)
White: produce neutral color temperature
Premium Umbrella Snow White translucent Reflector (33" Wide)
Adjustable Light Head for perfect light stream to your objdect

24" Softbox Reflector with Light Holder(x2)
Made of high quality nylon
Uses Max Up to 85W E26 Light Bulb
Code & Plug included (9 ft.)
Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
- Silver Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss & Maximize Light Spread

45W Digital Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb (x4)
Regular Screw Base E26/E27
Color Temperature: 6500K
Watts: 45W - Equals to 200W Regular Output
Lamp Tone: Day Light
Overall Size: 2.25" x 7"

E27 AC Socket Light Stand Mount Umbrella Holder (x2)
On/Off Switch
Lamp base E26/E27 x1

Photo Video Studio Light Stand (x2)
Height adjustable Min 53" - Max 100"
Solid Locking System for Light Safety

Heavy Duty Light Stand (x2)
Height adjustable Min 30" - Max 86.5"
Great work with softbox reflector

Backdrop Support Stand with 10' Crossbar (x1)
Height is adjustable from 3.5 ft to 8.8 ft
Width is adjustable from 5ft to 10ft
Durable Muslin Stand Carry Bag

6'x9' Muslin Green Backdrop Background Chromakey (x1)
6'x9' Muslin Black Backdrop Background (x1)
6'x9' Muslin White Backdrop Background (x1)

3.75" Photography Muslin Backdrop Clamps (x3)
Material: Nylon

Backdrop Ring Holder(x5)
Used on crossbar (Diameter : 28mm).