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Loadstone Studio Photography Photo Video Studio 3300W Digital Light Fluorescent 6-Bank Barndoor Light Panel Kit with 6pcs Caster Wheels,



(2) x 1650W Digital Light Fluroescent 2-Bank Barndoor Light Panel
2 x 6-Bank Fluorescent light panel with barndoor
12 x 55W 4 Pin Type Light Bulbs
Equivalent: Total 1650 Watt of output
Supply Voltage:110v 60Hz
Size: 21.25"W x 23"H x 3.5"D
Bank control ON/OFF switch on the body.
(One switch control two bank).
Four-Way Barndoors
10,000 Hour Lamp Life
Color Temperature: 5400K
Length: 21""
Shape Single Tube 4-PIN
Wattage (W) 55W

(2) x 86" Tall Air Cushion Studio Quality High Output Light Stand
Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Light Weight: Easy to Move
Indutrial Standard Mounting Stud
Solid Locking System for Light Safety
Height adjustable Min 30" - Max 86.5"

(6) x CASTER WHEELS For Light Stands & Studio Boom
2" Wheel
Adapter for tripod
Smooth rolling wheels make moving stands a snap
Locking wheels give safety and security to your equipment
Can be attached to most stands with a maximum leg diameter of 5/8~7/8"
Designed to protect for Light stand, Tripod
Disclosure: Part(s) and/or design is subject to change without notice for better performance.