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Photography Photo Studio 30 Inch Light Tent Kit, 1 x 30" x 30" Table Top Light Tent, 2 x 45 Watt 6500K Daylight Fluorescent Light Kit, 4 x Backgrounds - White Black Blue Red,



(1) x 30" Photo Studio Photography Softbox Light Tent Cube Soft Box
Made of Premium quality non reflective snow white fabric
Eliminate glare and spots
Softens and reflects lights for a perfect shot
Works perfectly with daylight or any other artificial light
Opening Cover for Micro Photography included
Premium 4 Colored Backgrounds - Blue, Black, White, Red
Convenient Photo Box Carry Bag

(2) x Table Top Studio Light Head with Reflector
Works with Photo Tent, Photo Softbox Cube
- Eliminate Glares
- Produces shadowless images and natural objects' own color
Code & Plug included
Easy On/Off Switch included
Ideal for Side, Accent, or Background lighting
Works on 110 - 130V standard outlets

(2) x 45W Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb
Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
Regular Screw Base
Color Temperature: 6500K
Watts: 45W - 200W Output (Total Output: 400W)

(2) x 15" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Table Top Light Stand
Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction
Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Suitable for Accent Light, Table Top Light
Easy Flip Locking System
Light Weight: Easy to Move
Indutrial Standard Mounting Tip
- Works with most of Flash/Strobe Light, Umbrella, Reflectors
Solid Locking System for Light Safety
Height adjustable: Max 15"

*Do NOT tighten spin lever too tightly when adjusting lamp angle, or it may cause a damage!
*Bulbs are highly fragile!
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