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Loadstone Studio 650 Lumens LED Continuous Lighting Gooseneck C-Clamp Photography Light Kit for Photo Studio,



(2) x Adjustable Gooseneck Photo light head with Clamp
Ideal for Side, Accent, or Background lighting.
Works on 110 - 130V standard outlets
Clamp has rubberized grip pads and an expansion range of 1 4/8 inches for a good hold even on thick surfaces.
Easy Attached to most light stand, tripod or pipe.
Hold just about everything in you studio, light stand light beam and even crossbar.

(2) x Photo Video Studio Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand
Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Light Weight: Easy to Move
Industrial Standard Mounting Stud
Solid Locking System for Light Safety
Height adjustable Min 53" - Max 100"

(2) x Table Top Studio Light Head with Reflector
Works with Photo Tent, Photo Softbox Cube
- Eliminate Glares
- Produces shadowless images and natural objects' own color
Code & Plug included
Easy On/Off Switch included
Works on 110 - 130V standard outlets
Ideal for Side, Accent, or Background lighting

(4) x E26 7W LED Lamp Bulb 85V-260V
Wattage : 7W
Lamp Kind : E26
A.C Voltage : 85-260V
Lumens : 650 Lumens
LED color : White / 5000-6500K
Efficiency : 80% energy saving
Working temperature : -20 C ~ 65 C