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Loadstone Studio 6 x 7 inch Foldable Mini Soft Box Lighting Diffuser Cover for Flash Light, Speedlite, Double-Sided Reversible Silver / White Reflector for Photo Video Shooting with Cloth, WMLS4507

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LimoStudio Photography 6 x 7inch Foldable Light Diffuser
The foldable and portable light diffuser softens the light stream from an external flash. It gives
even light spread and is highly convenient for photographers on the move.
- Removes Glare Spots from Flash to Provide Natural Lighting
- Comes in Black
- 2.4oz / 68g
- 6 x 7in / 15 x 17cm
- Includes Carry Bag

LimoStudio Photography Two-Sided Reversible Flash Diffuser
The diffuser softens highlight reflections, gets rid of shadows and red eye malfunctions.
It is extremely easy to secure strap onto the flash mount, for on the go photographers.
- For outdoor and indoor photography shoots
- Shows the true color of an object
- Produces soft and even light streams

Durable SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
The Durable SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth is a great asset to your cleaning equipment.
Removes fingerprints, dust and any oil residue from cameras, lenses, filters and screens.
- Comes in black
- Reusable, long-lasting, and machine-washable
* Warning: simply wash in warm water with no detergent and air dry only
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