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Loadstone Studio 48 inch Rail Video Stabilization System for DSLR Camera Dolly Track Motion Slider, Tripod Mountable and Carry Bag, Photo Video Studi, WMLS4660

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Linear Camera Track Rail Slider
Easy to carry and use, set up in minutes, the sturdy aluminum track slider rail mount
helps you create a consistent and professional, smooth look for your videography.
Clear ruler measurements labeled in inches and centimeters to ensure you get that perfect
distance that you’ve been working on with minimum hassle.

With a built in bubble level, accurate angle and leg adjustment is a breeze. Quickly and easily adjust the
slider grip knob for direct control of movement speed and friction. The legs include two threaded
mounting holes for vertical tripod attachment, the rail also includes central threaded mount for
horizontal positioning. The slider base plate includes 1/4" to 3/8" screw threads for versatile mounting options.

Product Specifications:

Made of aluminum alloy with a 48""(122cm) long track.
Three 1/4" to 3/8" adapters for universal attachments to tripods.
Max load: 22 lbs (10kg).
* Please keep in mind that some noise will be created when using this product, and is intended for use in conjunction
with separate recording equipment in order to mitigate sound creation, we suggest using grease or oil to ensure smooth operation.
* Camera and stands are not included.

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