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Loadstone Studio 4 Sets Continuous Barndoor Lighting Stand Kit with Dimmer Switch Photography Photo Studio,



(4) x 86" Tall Photography Studio Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand
Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Light Weight: Easy to Move
Indutrial Standard Mounting Stud
Solid Locking System for Light Safety

(4) x 150W Continuous Lighting Photo Studio Barn Door Light Accent Background Light
Accent Light
Maximum Light Source Control
Alters the Shape, Amount of the light output
- Gives Greater Control over your umbrella light
Facilitate Shaping of the beam of light from the fixture, and Prevent the distinctive scatter of light
Can be used for Hard Dramatic Lighting
Dimmable On/Off Switch, Code & Plug included
- UL Listed
- Additional Light Source Control

(4) x Photography Studio JDD Light Bulb
Premium Light Bulb for Accent Light
UV-Stop Premium Frosted Cover Lenses
Cryspy Brilliant Bright, Energy Efficient, Excellent Beam Control
JDD Type
120V 150W
E14 Screw Base

Photography Studio Light
Photography Barndoor Light
Photo Studio Lighting Kit