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Loadstone Studio [2 pcs] Portable Outdoor LED Work Light Built-in Power Bank and Rechargeable Battery for Camping, Fishing, Home use, Emergency Lighting, WMLS4621

$51.99 $53.98


15W Portable LED Flood Work Light

This is an efficient flood light that is adjustable and easy to use.
24 crisp LED light chips illuminate your workspace with an even bright output.
360 degree rotation is perfect for easily switching the orientation of the light.
90 degree tilt angle makes it easy to aim light in hard to reach angles.
Rechargeable battery and built in power bank provide enough power and
juice for any application. Red and blue emergency flashers come in handy
during roadside emergencies, or during other urgent situations.

- Rechargeable battery + charging cable
- Built-in power bank for charging phones and other devices
- Two USB ports accommodate any phone or device cable type
- Red and blue SOS emergency flashers for roadside use and other urgent situations
- Crisp LED’s provide bright output
- 360 degree horizontal rotation
- 90 degree vertical tilt angle
- Wattage: 15W
- LED Count: 24 LED chips

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