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Dimmable 885 LED Lightbulb Octagon Panel Light / Diffuser with Softbox, Continuous Lighting Bundle Kit, Photo Video Studio, WMLS4134

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(1) x LED Octagon Panel Continuous Light
885 LED lights panel with dimmer switch
2 dimmer switch allows to change the brightness by turning a knob.
Color Temperature : 5500K
30 degree beam angle
4500 Lumen (each light 8-9 Lumen)
Size : 14" diameter
Voltage : 90-230V/50-60Hz

* Mounting bracket and power cord are included.
(1) x Octagon Soft Box Reflector
Made of high quality nylon
Color : Black (out) / Silver (in)
Size : 24" diameter / 14" deep
Silver internal face : Minimize light loss & Maximize light spread
2 Levels light control available
- White soft cover : It helps eliminate hot spots and spread light more evenly.
Organizing Carrying Case
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