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Complete Tabletop Product Shooting Table Kit with Dual LED Light and Reclining White Rolling Background



(1) x Portable Photo Studio

- Portable all-in one tabletop studio features a 24" x 60" flexible single-piece white background.
- Background wraps around the product to produce a seamless infinity background without compromising shooting angles.
- The continuous 6500K Daylight color-corrected LED lighting will provide soft, cool, and accurate light.
- No prior photographic experience is required to achieve quality results with this versatile kit.
- Place your product inside the studio, turn on the light and snap your picture with any standard digital camera.
- Dimensions: 16" x 25" x 28"
- 24" wide seamless white background.
- 2 x 6500K daylight lighting color-corrected led light.
- Package includes: 24" x 60" flexible white background, frame set with screws, adjustable height light stand (high impact ABS plastic), 2 x AC85-265V daylight 6500K LED lamp, 2 x reflector support brackets and clips for background, and power cable DI.