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Complete Tabletop Product Photography Mini Studio Kit with Seamless White Cyclorama Background



(1) x White Mini Seamless Studio Matte Cyclorama Tabletop Background Module

- 27" shooting area from left to right edge.
- Dimensions: 20" x 20" x 11"
- Minimal shadows yield fine detail. Soft disappearing horizon line puts emphasis on your subject.
- 90¡Æ corner, constructed of durable yet lightweight high impact ABS plastic.

(1) x 24"14W 5000K Fluorescent T5 Tube Compatible

- The photography lighting shooting table set has 2 ft. 14W fluorescent T5 tubes that will provide soft, cool, accurate lighting.
- No prior photographic experience is required. Just place your product inside the studio, turn on the light and snap your picture with any standard digital camera.
- 24" x 24" shooting table.
- 2ft 14W fluorescent T5 tube
- Compatible with seamless cyclorama background or any color seamless background.
- Package includes: Frame set with screws, 2ft 14W fluorescent T5 tube, cable with plug, 2 clips for background, and 4 screws.i