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77mm Lens Filter Accessory Kit for Nikon Canon DSLR Camera Filter Kits (UV, CPL, FLD),Carry Pouch,Tulip Lens Hood,Cap Keeper Leash,SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

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(1) x 77mm UV Protection Filter
UV-protection filtered film or video often exhibits a greater sensitivity to what is invisible to us.
This is used most often outdoors, especially at high altitudes where the UV-absorbing atmosphere
is thinner and over long distances, such as marine scenes.

(1) x 77mm CPL Filter
IR720 camera filter filters out most light below and above the wavelength of 720 nanometers.
The filter blocks most visible light and is therefore very opaque.
It is recommended that a tripod is used in conjunction with this filter, because exposure times tend to be quite long.

(1) x 77mm FLD Filter
F-LD fluorescent light correction filter gives true-to-life color rendition.
Fluorescent filter dramatically increases color saturation.

(1) x 77mm Petal Lens Hood
3.2" x 3.2" x 1.6" / 1oz
Securely protects the lens and reduces flare.

(1) x Lens Cap Holder
Lens cap keeper is a convenient and easy way to keep track of your lens caps.
It has an elastic loop that fits the SLR lens barrel and an adhesive button that attaches to the lens cap to free up both hands for the photographer.

(1) x 4-Pocket Filter Case for Circular Filters
Equipped with four slots to hold filter lens.
Holds up to 86mm diameter lens filters.

(1) x Black SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth (Size : 6" x 7")
Ultra gentle, leaving no scratches, streaks, or marks, safe for all surfaces and lenses.
Dirt off eyeglasses, laptops, tablets of all brands, smart phones, and any other LCD or touch screen.
Reusable and long-lasting, and machine-washable.
* Warning: no detergent or machine dry.
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