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67mm CPL Filter Camera Accessory, Lens Cap Holder, Cleaning Wipes, WMLS3953

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(1) x 67mm CPL Filter

IR720 camera filter filters out most light below and above the wavelength of 720 nanometers.
The filter blocks most visible light and is therefore very opaque. In addition, a camera's
auto exposure does not work with this filter. It is recommended that a tripod is used in
conjunction with this filter, because exposure times tend to be quite long.

When using this filter, compose your scene first, then attach the filter. Most digital camera
sensors are inherently sensitive to infrared wavelength. To prevent the auto exposure system
from miscalculating exposure settings, digital cameras incorporate infrared blockers and
special lens coatings. In spite of this, unique variations of uncontrollable focus, improper
exposure and hot spots can create spectacular artistic effects.
(1) x Lens Cap Holder
Lens cap keeper is a convenient and easy way to keep track of your lens caps.
It has an elastic loop that fits the SLR lens barrel and an adhesive button that
attaches to the lens cap to free up both hands for the photographer.
The cap remains connected while you shoot, and is easily reattachable when finished snapping.
(5) x Wet and Dry Cleaning Wipes
Non-woven / 6cm x 6cm / Alcohol-free
Each foil wrapped twin pack holds one pre-moistened wipe, and one dry wipe.
Safe to use on notebooks, monitors, and PDAs.
(5) x Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
Size : 12cm x 15cm
Can be used on camera, video, camcorder, DSLR camera lenses, camera body, or filters.
Perfect to remove oil residues, dust, fingerprint, not harming any lens coatings.
First use the humid cloths to clean the lens, then wipe with the anti-static cloth.