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6' x 9' Ft. White and Black Muslin with Background Support System and Travel Case for Photo Lighting by Loadstone Studio

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(1) x Premium Black Muslin Backdrop

 Crimped along the edge to prevent tears
•  3" rod pocket on 6' side
 Color: Black
 Size: 6' x 9'

(1) x 8.5' Background Support System Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction

 Solid safety 3 legs stages
 Height adjustable from 3.5' - 8.5'
 Width adjustable from 4.5' - 10'
 Twist interlocking cross bars
 Compatible with canvas, muslin, or paper backdrops
 Portable carry bag included

(1) x 6' x 9' Chroma Key White Background

Made with polyester material
 Reflective and non-gloss surface
 Lightweight, wrinkle resistant fabric
 Size: 6' x 9'