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58mm Center Pinch Snap-on Universal Protective Lens Cap for Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Other DSLR Camera Lenses by Loadstone Studio



(1) x 58mm Center Pinch Snap-On Universal Lens Cap

- Protect your sensitive lens with this universal protective lens cap.
- One little scratch to the front of your lens can result in a forever ruined lens.
- Easy to use design, simply pinch the center of the cap and snap it into place.
- You'll never leave your lenses unprotected and bare again!
- Fits any lens with 58mm filter thread.
- Works with either manual, auto focus, digital or film cameras.
- Attachable lanyard makes it easy to keep track of lens cap.
- Easy to use, simply pinch center, and attach to the lens.
- Easily slides onto the wrist when not in use.
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