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52mm UV Protection Filter Camera Lens, Camera Accessory, Lens Cap Holder, Cleaning Wipes, WMLS3927

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(1) x 52mm UV Protection Filter

UV-protection filtered film or video often exhibits a greater sensitivity to what is invisible to us.
This is used most often outdoors, especially at high altitudes where the UV-absorbing atmosphere
is thinner and over long distances, such as marine scenes.

It can be displayed as a bluish color cast with color film, or it can cause a low-contrast haze that
diminishes details, especially when viewing far-away objects, in either color or black-and-white.
UV filters absorb ultraviolet light generally without affecting light in the visible region.
(1) x Lens Cap Holder
Lens cap keeper is a convenient and easy way to keep track of your lens caps.
It has an elastic loop that fits the SLR lens barrel and an adhesive button that attaches to the lens cap to free up both hands for the photographer.
The cap remains connected while you shoot, and is easily reattachable when finished snapping.
(5) x Wet and Dry Cleaning Wipes
Non-woven / 6cm x 6cm / Alcohol-free
Each foil wrapped twin pack holds one pre-moistened wipe, and one dry wipe.
Safe to use on notebooks, monitors, and PDAs.
(5) x Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
Size : 12cm x 15cm
Can be used on camera, video, camcorder, DSLR camera lenses, camera body, or filters.
Perfect to remove oil residues, dust, fingerprint, not harming any lens coatings.
First use the humid cloths to clean the lens, then wipe with the anti-static cloth.