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52mm Snap-on Universal Lens Cap, 2 Pieces of Cap Keeper Leash DSLR Camera Accessory, 2 Pieces of 6" x 7" Gray SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth



(2) x Lens Cap Holder

Lens cap keeper is a convenient and easy way to keep track of your lens caps.
It has an elastic loop that fits the SLR lens barrel and an adhesive button that
attaches to the lens cap to free up both hands for the photographer. The cap remains
connected while you shoot, and is easily reattachable when finished snapping.

(2) x Gray SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth (Size : 6" x 7")

- Ultra gentle, leaving no scratches, streaks, or marks, safe for all surfaces and lenses.
- Dirt off eyeglasses, laptops, tablets of all brands, smart phones, and any other LCD or touch screen.
- Reusable and long-lasting, and machine-washable.
* Warning: no detergent or machine dry.

(1) x 52mm Snap-on Universal Lens Cap

Lenses are very sensitive so even a small scratch can mar them forever.
So it is necessary to protect the lens with the cap at all times.
Pinch the sides of the cap and snap it into place - it fits securely and your lenses are covered.