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500 LED Continuous Dimmable Lighting Panel Kit and Barndoor with Blue, Orange, and Frost Color Gel Filters



(1) x 500 LED Dimmable 5600K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Continuous Light Panel

- 500 LED lights
- Lumens 4500LM (8 - 9LM each LED)
- 4 bank adjustable output.
- Dimmer switch and power on/off button.
- Mounting: Vertical or horizontal
- Wattage: 50W, 500W equivalent
- Power source : 120V
- Beam angle: 30¡Æ

(1) x 3 Color Gels with Magnets for 500 LED Photo/ Video Light

- Can be used to change indoor or incandescent lighting to daylight, and daylight to indoor or incandescent.
- 3 different filter colors suitable for different environments.
- Quickly and easily change color temperature.
- White filter softens light (diffuses).
- Orange color filter reduces the color temperature. (warms)
- Blue filter will change lights to daylight. (cools)
- Magnets allow for an easy yet secure installation.