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32" Octagonal Umbrella Reflector Softbox with Honeycomb Grid and Removable Shaft for Photo Video Lighting



(1) x 32" Octagonal Umbrella Soft box with Grid 8mm Detachable Shaft Premium Snow White Soft Diffusion Fabric with Maximum Reflection Texture Silver Interior Easy Setup Velcro Assembly & Convenient Organizing Carry Bag

- Constructed with high quality nylon material.
- Softens the light stream and minimizes shadows.
- Color: Black exterior and silver inside face.
- External white diffusion cover included.
- Zippered hole in the soft box prevents light leaks.
- Honey comb front cover included.
- Shaft: 8mm
- Size: 31" diameter , 17" deep
- Package includes: 31" Octagon speedlite umbrella soft box, white soft diffuser cover, honeycomb grid, and carrying case.