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300W Barndoor 2800K Tungsten Balanced Continuous Photo Video Lighting Kit with 2x 150W JDD Bulb Lights, 2x Stand by Loadstone Studio

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(2) x 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Light Stand

- Premium heavy duty aluminum alloy construction.
- Easy quick-release three leg system with precise height control.
- Light weight and easy to move.
- Industry standard mounting stud.
- Fits most flash/strobe lights, umbrellas, and reflectors.
- Solid safety locking system.
- Height adjustable from 30" - 86.5"

(2) x 150W 2900K Tungsten Balanced Continuous Light Head

- Accent light.
- Maximum light source control.
- Alters the shape and amount of light output.
- Facilitate shaping of the beam of light from the fixture, and prevent the distinctive scatter of light.
- Can be used for hard dramatic lighting.
- Dimmable on/off switch, cord & plug included.
- UL listed.
- E14 Edison base JDD bulb type.
- 110V
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