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2x 150W Softbox Continuous CFL Photography Lighting for Family, Fashion, Beauty, Baby Portrait by Loadstone Studio



(2) x 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Light Stand

- Premium heavy duty aluminum alloy construction.
- Easy quick-release three leg system with precise height control.
- Light weight and easy to move.
- Industry standard mounting stud.
- Fits most flash/strobe lights, umbrellas, and reflectors.
- Solid safety locking system.
- Height adjustable from 30" - 86.5"

(2) x 150W 6500K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Pure White CFL Continuous Light Spiral Bulb

- Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb saves energy up to 80%.
- E26/E27 screw base.
- Color temperature: 6500K
- Watts: 150W
- Lamp tone: Daylight
- Overall diameter: 4.5"
- Overall length: 12.75"

(2) x 24"x24" Soft box with Light Socket Diffusion Fabric Silver Interior Velcro Assembly 8' On/Off Switch Cord & Carry Bag

- Made of high quality nylon.
- Maximum wattage of 85W CFL light bulb.
- Power cord & plug included (9 ft.)
- Silver interior minimizes light loss and maximizes light spread.
- 2 levels of light control available: 1) Soft box only, 2) Soft box + external white cover.
- Size: 24" x 24" large soft box
- Color: Black exterior and silver interior
- Bulb base: E26/E27