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26 - 48 inch Swivel Head Reflector Arm Support Holder with Photo Light Stand Tripod, Easy Spring Clip Install, Mount on the Light Stand Tripod, Photo Studio, WMLS4228

$35.79 $40.49


Photo Reflector Holder
• Reflector Holding Length from Min 26 inch to Max 48 inch
• Easy Spring Clip Reflector Install
• Simple One Snap Arm Extendable
• Mountable on Light Stand & Angle Adjustable
• Firmly Holds Round or Oval Reflector Disc Panel

Photo Studio Light Stand
• Height adjustable Min 50"•Max 86"
• Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
• Light Weight & Easy to Carry
• 1/4 Inch Standard Screw Thread Tip
• Solid Locking System for Light Safety