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250 Watt Digital Strobe Flash Light & Umbrella Reflector Holder, Modeling Photographic Flash, Wire Sync or Wireless Radio Trigger, Photo Studio Kit, WMLS4097

$87.28 $98.74


(1) x Loadstone Studio 250W Digital Flash Light and Strobe Light Holder with Umbrella Reflector HolderSync Voltage: DC 5V
Flash Guide NO: 52GN
Recycling Time: 0.2 • 1.2s
Color Temperature: 5600K
Mode Lamp: AC 120V 50W / 3200K
Flash Duration: 1/1700
Recycling Prompt: Buzz Prompt
Flash Triggering Method: Photocell, Sync Cable, Test Button
Working Volatage: AC 120V 50/60Hz 5A*Wireless Trigger sold separately