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24"x24" Umbrella Softbox Kit with Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand, Muslin, Single Bulb Light Socket, and Bulbs by Loadstone Studio



(3) x Studio Tripod 7ft Tall Studio Quality High Output Stand

  Extends to a maximum height of 7ft
  Can be used with light fixtures or boom arms
  Heavy duty with load capacity of about 20 lbs

(1) x Premium Black Muslin Backdrop

  Easy to care for; machine washable.
  3" rod pocket on 5' side.
  Color: Black
  Size: 5' x 10'

(1) x Set of 5 Quick Install Background Holder Clip

  Use for crossbar (diameter : 28mm).
  These backdrop helpers are essential for hanging muslin
  Works great for stretching out the wrinkles from muslin backgrounds
  Maximum load: 5lbs

(3) x 45W 6500K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Pure White CFL Continuous Light Spiral Bulb

  E26/E27 screw base
  Style: Mushroom/umbrella shaped spiral
  Color temperature: 6500K
  Watts: 45W (200W equivalent)
  Lamp Tone: Daylight
  Overall diameter: 3"
  Overall length: 8"

(1) x 86" Background Support System Premium Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Construction

  Cross bar consists of four sections, making it simple to adjust the width.
  Compatible with just about any type of backgrounds such as muslin, canvas
  Background support stand with 1/4" mount 
  Height: Adjustable from 2.6' - 9'
  Width: Adjustable from 5' - 10'
  Max load: 10 lbs.
  Comes with carrying bag: 3" x 8" x 31"(H x D x W)

(3) x Single Bulb Light Socket Head On/Off Switch Adjustable Angle 9' Cord 110V

  On/off switch
  105W maximum wattage (energy saving bulb)
  Cord & plug included (9 ft.)
  Bulb base: E26/E27

(3) x 24"x24" Umbrella Soft box Premium Snow White Soft Diffusion Fabric Silver Interior with 8mm Shaft Easy Setup & Maximum Portability

•  Made of reflective nylon
  Silver reflective internal face and black outer side
  Multifunctional usage as a reflector, soft box, or shoot through umbrella
  Shaft size: 8mm
  24" x 24" square design

(1) x 5' x 10' Chroma Key White Background

  Made with polyester material
  Reflective and non-gloss surface
  Lightweight, wrinkle resistant fabric
  Size: 5' x 10'