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24"x24" Portable Portrait Softbox with Flash Mount Ring, Diffuser, and Carrying Bag for Photography Lighting



(1) x 24"x24" Quick Setup Portable Soft box for Speedlite Flash

- Bracket, soft box, white cover, carry bag.
- Easy to set up.
- Provides even light with no hot spots or concentric circles.
- Light weight and easy to use.
- Light angle adjustable.
- Universal metal ring.
- Can be used with most tripods and light stands.
- Can be used as a side light main light, or background light.
- Black exterior with a silver reflective interior that minimizes light loss and maximizes light spread.
- White diffuser included for softening light and reducing shadows.
- 25" diagonal diameter
- Size: 24" x 24" (H x W)
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