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22" New Handheld 5-in-1 Collapsible Lighting Reflector Diffuser Board Disc and Reflector Holder Boom Arm

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(1) x 22" 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi Photography Studio Handheld Easy Grip Reflector

Shape : Disc Reflector
The flexible light-weight design with grip allows for easy portability.
Size Open : 22" Diameter
When folded: 9" Diamter
Net Weight: 10 Oz
Convenienct Zipped round carrying bag included
Durable and flexible steel spring frame
- Easy spreading and closing.
**It is one disc with cover that is reversible and have five different reflective surfaces.
The core disc is diffused/translucent white, the cover is black/silver, or white/gold.

5-in-1 multi photo disc reflector color and function
- Silver: Make cold tone and a more bright effect.Provide a sharp contrast light. Highlight the fine surface texture and improvescolor saturation.
- Gold: Make soft and warm tone. Decrease the exposal from background to foreground. More natural effect when backlighting
- Black: Absorb unwanted light
- White: Make a very soft and natural effect. Provide light to reduce shadow.
- Translucent: for "Shoot Through" position photograph. Trail off the sharp light to make the light more soft and reduce the light and shade contrast.

(1) x Loadstone Studio Reflector Holder Boom Arm

Attachment up to 22" - 70" Reflectors
Material: Premium Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Construction
Light Weight: Easy to Move
Dual ball-joint for exact positioning
Solid Locking System for Light Safety
Counter Weight Sand Bag Saddle Bag Holder Pre-attached
-Higher Reflection Positioning available
Length adjustable Min 28.5" - Max 73.5"
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