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22" Dual Octagon Softbox Light Stand Kit with White Diffuser, Aluminum Alloy Stands, and 45W CFL Bulbs by Loadstone Studio



(2) x Studio Tripod 7ft Tall Studio Quality High Output Stand

  Zinc stud head
  Extends to a maximum height of 7ft
•  Can be used with light fixtures or boom arms
  Heavy duty with load capacity of about 20 lbs.

(2) x 45W 6500K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Pure White CFL Continuous Light Spiral Bulb

  E26/E27 screw base
  Style: Mushroom/umbrella shaped spiral
  Color temperature: 6500K
  Watts: 45W (200W equivalent)
  Lamp tone: Daylight
  Overall diameter: 3"
  Overall length: 8"

(2) x 22" Octagonal Softbox with Light Socket White Soft Diffusion Fabric Silver Interior Velcro Assembly 8' On/Off Switch Cord Array Bag

  Adjustable light angles
  Features cord & plug (8.5ft) and on/off switch
  Light weight for movement anywhere
  Universal mounting
  Silver reflective interior for minimizing light loss and maximizing light spread.
  Black exterior.
  White external diffusion cover for softening light and reducing shadows
  Max bulb wattage of 105w CFL bulb
  Dimensions: 26" diameter 17" high
  Bulb is not included.
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