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200 Watt Studio Flash/Strobe Light, Fuse, Test Button, Wireless Triggering Available, Umbrella Input, Mount on Light



Mode: SP-160M
• Output Power: 160WS
• Flash Index: GN32m
• Recycle Time: 5s
Mode: SP-180M
• Output Power: 180WS
• Flash Index: GN36m
• Recycle Time: 6s
Mode: SP-200M
• Output Power: 200WS
• Flash Index: GN42m
• Recycle Time: 7s
• Angle of Illumination: >=55°
• Modeling Light: 60W/110V•120V
• Input Power: AC120V/60Hz
• Synch Voltage: DC6V
• Fuse: 3A
• Triggering: Inductor, Synch Cord, Test Button, Wireless Trigger

Operation Instruction
1. Insert the power cord into AC120V socket and then turn on the main power switch.
• Switch Upward ( 1 ) : Flash Power On
• Switch Downward ( o ) : Flash Power Off
2. The power indicator (green) gives light and indicates the studio light is charging normally.
3. When the charge indicator (red) gives light, the Photocell is ringing and indicates the voltage is at 80%. After several minutes, the voltage will achieve the full power range.
4. Push the modeling lamp switch for the following uses:
• Switch Upward ( - ) : Modeling lamp continuously gives light with full range.
• Switch to the Middle ( o ) : The lamp is off.
• Switch Downward ( = ): Modeling lamp will give off light and the light will change with the flash power simultaneously.
5. The guide number will locate the variator in any place according to the request of locating light so as long as you can get the liable output.

How to Connect Flash to Camera
Wireless flash trigger (transmitter) & receiver set is required.
Trigger connects to the camera hot shoe and receiver connects to the flash strobe.
Through Wire:
Sync terminal adapter with standard PC-type cable port is required.
The flash strobe connects directly to the camera with included cable.