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2 x 18W LED Table Top Lighting Stand Kit with 12" Acrylic Black & White Reflective Photo Background, Photo Studio, WMLS4016

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(2) x 6" Diameter Light Head with Switch Cord

Works with Photo Tent, Photo Softbox Cube
- Eliminate Glares
- Produces shadowless images and natural objects' own color Code & Plug included
Easy On/Off Switch included
Ideal for Side, Accent, or Background lighting
Works on 110 - 130V standard outlets

(2) x 15" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Table Top Light Stand

Material: Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction
Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
Suitable for Accent Light, Table Top Light
Easy Flip Locking System
Industrial Standard Mounting Tip
- Works with most of Flash/Strobe Light, Umbrella, Reflectors
Solid Locking System for Light Safety
Height adjustable: Max 15"

(2) x E26 18W LED Lamp Bulb 110-240V

Wattage : 18W
Lamp Kind : E26
A.C Voltage : 110-240V
Lumens : 1200-1300 Lumens
LED color : White / 5000-5500K
Efficiency : 80% energy saving
Working temperature : -20 C ~ 65 C
Structure : Plastic & Aluminium heat sinker
Lifetime : 50,000 hours
(1) x Black and White Acrylic Riser Display Table
12" x 12"
Perfect for 16/ 20/ 24" Photo Tent
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