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2 Umbrella with 2 Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit with Light Stand, Bulb Socket, and Bulb for Photo Video by Loadstone Studio



(2) x Studio Tripod 7ft Tall Studio Quality High Output Stand

 Zinc stud head
 Extends to a maximum height of 7ft
 Heavy duty with load capacity of about 20 lbs

(2) x 45W 6500K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Pure White CFL Continuous Light Spiral Bulb

 E26/E27 screw base
 Style: Mushroom/umbrella shaped spiral
 Color temperature: 6500K
 Watts: 45W (200W equivalent)
 Lamp Tone: Daylight
 Overall diameter: 3"
 Overall length: 8"

(2) x Single Bulb Light Socket Head On/Off Switch Adjustable Angle 9' Cord 110V

 On/off switch.
 105W maximum wattage (energy saving bulb)
 Cord & Plug included (9 ft.)
 Bulb base: E26/E27

(2) x 24"x24" Umbrella Soft box Premium Snow White Soft Diffusion Fabric Silver Interior with 8mm Shaft Easy Setup & Maximum Portability

 Made of reflective nylon
 Silver reflective internal face and black outer side
 Multifunctional usage as a reflector, soft box, or shoot through umbrella
 Shaft size: 8mm
• 24" x 24" square design

(2) x 33" White/White Premium Shoot Through Umbrella Light Modifier with 8mm Shaft

 Made of high quality nylon material
 White internal face and white outer side
 Produces a neutral color temperature and eliminates glares and spots
 Can be used with both flash and continuous lighting
 Adjustable light head for accurate light placement
 Aluminum construction shaft
 Shaft size: 8mm
 Size: 33" wide