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16"x24" Honey Comb Grid Softbox Diffuser Reflector with 4 socket Light Bulb Adaptor



(1) x 24" x 16" Large Softbox Reflector w/ Grid Honey Comb

Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting
Provides Greater Light that is very even
No Hot Spots or Concentric Circles
Universal Mounting
- Can be installed most of Tripods, Light Stands
- Versatile Usage: Can be used for a Side Lights, Background Light
Silver reflective internal face and Black back side
- Silver Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss & Maximize Light Spread

4 Levels Light Control Available
- 1. Soft Box Only
- 2. Soft Box + Internal White Cover w/ Honey Comb Grid
- 3. Soft Box + Internal White Cover w/ Honey Comb Grid + External White Cover
- 4. Soft Box + External White Cover

Internal Snow White Cover w/ Honey Comb Grid
Made of premium snow white nylon
Translucent cover filters light stream in advance
Easy Set-up With Double Velcro
Grid Honey Comb allow you to have more directinal control over the output

External Snow White Cover
Cover front soft box and spread light out evenly
Assembled by Easy Set-up Velcro
Made of premium Nylon

(1) x 4 Sockets Light Holder Softbox Lighting Holder Bulb Socket

Material: Porcelain
Operate 4 Bulbs separately to control light strem using 2 On/Off switch buttons located on the back
The head acts as a speedring for the dedicated softbox
Soften light intense thrugh internal white cover and soft box
Built-in control handle to protect you from hot light body during operation
Operated with 4 Day-light Studio Light Bulbs (each holder - Total 4 Bulbs)
Work with 110 - 120V