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160 LED Digital Photo Video Compact Dimmable Lighting Panel Kit with Color Gels, 28" Portable Light Stand

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(1) x 28" Tall Studio Quality High Output Accent Light Stand

- Premium aluminum alloy construction.
- Easy quick-release three leg system with precise height control.
- Suitable for accent lights and table top lights.
- Easy and secure flip locking system.
- Light weight and easy to move.
- Industry standard mounting tip.
- Fits most flash/strobe lights, umbrellas, and reflectors.
- Solid safety locking system.
- Height adjustable from 16" - 28".

(1) x 160 LED Dimmable 5600K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Hot Shoe Mount Continuous Light Panel

- Can be mounted on standard hot shoe mounts of most cameras or camcorders.
- Small size makes it light weight and portable.
- Exposure distances up to 5 meters.
- Wide range of applications capable of use as an outdoor light, interior light, portrait photography and wedding.
- Available charge power for 6 pcs of AA batteries or lithium, which solves the low battery issue of outdoor shooting.
- Facilitates shaping the beam of light from the fixture, and prevents scatter of light.
- 4 filters included.
- Rotate switch for power control and brightness adjustment.
- Compact design, high power, and low heat output.
- Designed with standard hot shoe plug, compatible with over 90% of cameras.
- Voltage : DC5.8 - 9.0V
- LED qty : 160
- Average life time : 30000 hours
- Illuminance : 800LX
- Color reading index : 85%
- Dimensions : 5.9" x 4.55" x 2.1" (W x H x D)
- Power : 9W
- Color temp : 2800K - 5400K (with filter)
- Beam angle : 60¡Æ
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