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16-inch Cubic LED Light Foldable & Portable Photo Shooting Tent Box Kit, Including White / Black Background, USB Cable Power, Commercial Product Shoot, Small Medium Size Product

$34.24 $38.74


16-inch Portable LED Light Box Shooting Tent
Easily foldable and light weight photo shooting tent is highly portable
mini photo studio that you can carry anywhere you want. It is suitable
for small/medium size commercial product shooting.
- 16 x 16 x 16-inch Dimension
- Easy to Set-up with Snap Buttons
- 70 LED Light Beads Powered by USB Cable
- Camera Placing Hole on Ceiling
- 2 Backdrops: Black, White
- White PP Film Material
- Cool Color, 6000–6500K
- Carry Bag with Hand Strap Included