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14 inch Diameter Ring Light with Round Continuous Light Bulb, White, Orange, Blue, Pink External Light

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Fluorescent Round Ring Light

Ring light efficiently removes sharp shadows, and is especially ideal for a beauty facial photo-shoot.
It is easy to set up, mountable on any light stand and compatible with DSLR camera with hot shoe
mount adapter. With fabric diffuser, it produces neutral color and evenly spreads light stream
for better photo-shoot environment.
• Light Type: Fluorescent
• Shape: Circle
• Diameter: 14”
• Power: 45 Watt
• Color Temperature: 5500 Kelvin
• Brightness Control Available
• Carry Bag Included

Ring Light 4-COLOR Soft Elastic Cover Diffuser Cloth Kit

The Professional Diffuser Cover is made of nylon material with integrated Velcro straps to easily
secure the cloth onto the ring light. It is lightweight and convenient for on the go photo and video shoots.
• Shape: Round
• Diameter: 12” to 14”
• Material: Nylon
• Color: Blue, Red, Pink, White

Camera Flash Shoe Mount Adapter
• Metal / Black
• 1/4-inch Screw