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10x13' High Quality Black Muslin Backdrop with Support Stand and Set of Five Quick Install Ring Clips by Loadstone Studio



(1) x Premium Black Muslin Backdrop

 Easy to care for; machine washable.
 Crimped along the edge to prevent tears.
 Pre-stitched loop.
 Easy to fold.
 3" rod pocket on 10' side.
 Color: Black
 Size: 10' x 13'

(1) x Set of 5 Quick Install Background Holder Clip

 Use for crossbar (diameter : 28mm).
 These backdrop helpers are essential for hanging muslin, or other cloth backgrounds.
 Works great for stretching out the wrinkles from muslin backgrounds.
 Maximum load: 5lbs

(1) x 86" Background Support System Premium Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Construction

• Simple design allows easy adjustments to the height and width.
 Background support Stand with 1/4" mount thread to assemble a background support.
 Height: Adjustable from 2.6' - 9'
 Width: Adjustable from 5' - 10'
 Max load: 10 lbs.
 Comes with carrying bag: 3" x 8" x 31"(H x D x W)