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1000W Lighting Kit with 2x White Umbrellas, 2x Light Stands, Chromakey Green Muslin and Backdrop Support by Loadstone Studio



(2) x 86" Tall Studio Quality High Output Light Stand

 Easy quick-release three leg system with precise height control.
 Industry standard mounting stud.
 Fits most flash/strobe lights, umbrellas, and reflectors.
 Solid safety locking system.
 Height adjustable from 30" - 86.5"

(1) x 10' x 20' Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop

 Machine washable.
 Crimped along the edge to prevent tears.
 Pre-stitched loop making it easy to fold.
 Color: Green Chroma key
 Size: 10' x 20'
 3" rod pocket on 10' side

(2) x 105W 6500K Daylight Balance Continuous Light Spiral Bulb

 E26/E27 screw base.
 Color temperature: 6500K
 Watts: 105W (400W equivalent)
 Lamp Tone: Daylight
 Overall diameter: 4"
 Overall length: 11"

(2) x Single Bulb Light Socket Head On/Off Switch Adjustable Angle 9' Cord 110V

 On/off switch.
 105W maximum wattage (energy saving bulb).
 Cord & Plug included (9 ft.).
 Bulb Base: E26/E27

(1) x 8.5' Background Support System Premium 

 Easily sets up in a matter of seconds.
 Perfect lightweight aluminum tripods.
 Solid safety 3 legs stages.
 Premium quality support bars.
 Height adjustable from 3.5' - 8.5'.
 Width adjustable from 4.5' - 10'.
• Twist interlocking cross bars.
 Compatible with canvas, muslin, or paper backdrops.
 Portable carry bag included.

(2) x 33" White/White Premium Shoot Through Umbrella Light Modifier with 8mm Shaft

 Made of high-quality nylon material.
 White internal face and white outer side.
 Produces a neutral color temperature and eliminates glares and spots.
 Can be used with both flash and continuous lighting.
 Lightweight and easy to use.
 Adjustable light head for accurate light placement.
 Aluminum construction shaft.