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Swivel Head Reflector Support Holder Arm, Boom Stand Arm Bar with 43 Inch Diameter 5 Color in 1 Round Collapsible Reflector Disc Panel, Hand Held, Boom Stand Kit, WMLS4244

$39.77 $44.99


Photo Reflector Holder
•Reflector Holding Length from Min 26 inch to Max 48 inch
•Easy Spring Clip Reflector Install
•Simple One Snap Arm Extendable
•Mountable on Light Stand & Angle Adjustable
•Firmly Holds Round or Oval Reflector Disc Panel

5-in-1 Round Photo Reflector Disc Panel
•Open: 43 Inch Diameter / Folded: 15 Inch Diameter
•5 Colors Inside of 1 Reflector Disc
•Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
•Flexible Steel Spring Frame Enables Folding / Unfolding Easy
•Zipper Round Carry Bag Included
Gold: Soft Warm Skin Tone Effect, Sunset Portrait
Silver: Cold and Bright Effect, Increased Highlight, Improved Color Saturation
White: Neutral Color Temperature Effect, Evenly Spread Light Stream
Black: Blocks Unwanted Light, Darker and Softer Tone Effect
Translucent: Softens Sharp Light, Less Contrast Between Hotspot and Shadow

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