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Swivel Head Reflector Arm Support Holder with Light Stand Tripod and 32 inch 5 Color in 1 Round Reflector Disc Panel, Photo Studio Kit, WMLS4227



Photo Reflector Holder
•Reflector Holding Length from Min 26 inch to Max 48 inch
•Easy Spring Clip Reflector Install
•Simple One Snap Arm Extendable
•Mountable on Light Stand & Angle Adjustable
•Firmly Holds Round or Oval Reflector Disc Panel

Photo Studio Light Stand

•Height adjustable Min 50"-Max 86"
•Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
•Light Weight & Easy to Carry
•1/4 Inch Standard Screw Thread Tip
•Solid Locking System for Light Safety
•Carry Bag Included

5 Color 32-inch Photo Studio Round Collapsible Reflector Disc Panel
•Silver: Contrast and Increased Highlights
•Gold: Warm Glowing Skin Tone
•Black: Prevents Unwanted Light
•White: Neutral Color Temperature
•Translucent: Soft Looking without Shadow
•Durable & Flexible Steel Spring Frame
•Size Open: 32-inch / Folded: 12-inch
•Net Weight: 1 lbs
•Zipped Round Carry Bag

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