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Loadstone Studio 20pcs Speedlite Flash Color Gel Lighting Filter Kit with Both Side Clear Peel Off Sticker, Carry Bag, Black Rubber for Camera Flash Light, WMLS4643

$19.49 $20.23


Flash 20-Color Gel Filter Kit

Color light gels are often used as accent lighting, or are often used to add dramatic color to selected parts
or backgrounds of a scene for artistic effects. Filters can adjust the color temperature of the flash and improve
the overall color of the image.

- 20 Color Filters: Green / Blues Filters, Correction Filters, Yellows / Red Filters
- Flash Head Area: 3" x 2.5", Total Length with Tabs: 6"
- Protective Film is Attached to the Color Gel and must be Removed When in Use
- Thickness: 0.075mm
- Padded Pouch, Attachment Band included

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