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62mm UV Protection Filter Lens Accessory for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, DSLR Camera Lens Filters, 6" x 7" Black SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth Camera Accessory

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(1) x 62mm UV Protection Filter

UV-protection filtered film or video often exhibits a greater sensitivity to what is invisible to us.
This is used most often outdoors, especially at high altitudes where the UV-absorbing atmosphere
is thinner and over long distances, such as marine scenes.

It can be displayed as a bluish color cast with color film, or it can cause a low-contrast haze that
diminishes details, especially when viewing far-away objects, in either color or black-and-white.
UV filters absorb ultraviolet light generally without affecting light in the visible region.

(1) x Black SuperFiber Lens Cleaning Cloth (Size : 6" x 7")

- Ultra gentle, leaving no scratches, streaks, or marks, safe for all surfaces and lenses.
- Dirt off eyeglasses, laptops, tablets of all brands, smart phones, and any other LCD or touch screen.
- Reusable and long-lasting, and machine-washable.
* Warning: no detergent or machine dry.
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