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Photo Camera Compressed Air Blower Cleaning Kit Pen Brush Cleaning Set for DSLR Cameras, Lens and Sensitive Electronics



(1) x 7 in 1 Care & Cleaning Kit

Package Contents:
-Air Blower
-Lipstick Brush
-Lens Cleaning Agent
-Lens Cleaning Tissue
-Cleaning Cloth
-Cleaning Wet Tissue
-Cotton Swab

-The blower is made of natural and environmentally friendly rubber, and air inlet valve
design prevents air's back-flow from air nozzle.
-The brush is extremely soft, and can retract, so it is very clean and safe.
-The lens cleaning agent is specially made for cleaning multi-coated lenses and filters.
-Premium grade lens tissue meets federal specification NNN-P-40B.
-The cleaning cloth is extra thick and soft, so it can clean more efficiently than
standard cloth materials.
-The cleaning wet tissue is super soft, so it completely cleans out dust.
-Cotton swab is specially designed for cleaning CCD chips and other delicate or hard
to reach optical and imaging surfaces.

(1) x Lens Cleaning Pen

Designed for cleaning lenses, binoculars, scopes, night vision goggles,
or any other sport optical devices.
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