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Triple CFL Lighting Kit with Octagon Softboxes and Muslin Backdrop Support Stand System for Photography by Loadstone Studio

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(3) x Studio Tripod 7ft Tall Studio Quality High Output Stand

- Zinc stud head.
- Extends to a maximum height of 7ft.
- Can be used with light fixtures or boom arms.
- Die cast steel for quality build.
- Heavy duty with load capacity of about 20 lbs.

(1) x Premium Black Muslin Backdrop

- Complete set for a perfect shot.
- Easy to care for; machine washable.
- Crimped along the edge to prevent tears.
- Pre-stitched loop.
- Easy to fold.
- 3" rod pocket on 5' side.
- Color: black
- Size: 5' x 10'

(1) x All-in-one Premium Studio Carry Bag

- All-in-one bag will store your backdrop support stand, umbrellas, muslins, lights, and even your camera.
- Water resistant durable premium 600d oxford nylon.
- Heavy duty material support up to 80 lbs.
- Reinforced seams provide ultimate protection for your items.
- Dimensions: 30" x 12" x 8" (W x H x D)

(2) x All purpose 3.75" Plastic Clamp for Background Muslin Backdrop

- Essential item in any studio setup.
- Ideal for eBay seller & home or office setup.
- Light weight, and easy to use.
- Grips the background to the backdrop stand.
- Easy to use and can grip just about anything.
- 3.75in long
- Material: nylon

(1) x 5' x 10' Green Chroma key Muslin Backdrop

- Machine washable.
- Crimped along the edge to prevent tears.
- Pre-stitched loop making it easy to fold.
- Color : green Chroma key
- Size: 5' x 10'
- 3" rod pocket on 5' side

(1) x Set of 5 Quick Install Background Holder Clip

- Use for crossbar (diameter : 28mm).
- These backdrop helpers are essential for hanging muslin, or other cloth backgrounds.
- Works great for stretching out the wrinkles from muslin backgrounds.
- Maximum load: 5lbs

(3) x 45W 6500K Daylight Balanced Full Spectrum Pure White CFL Continuous Light Spiral Bulb

- Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb saves energy up to 80%.
- E26/E27 screw base.
- Style: Mushroom/umbrella shaped spiral
- Color temperature: 6500K
- Watts: 45W (200W equivalent)
- Lamp tone: Daylight
- Overall diameter: 3"
- Overall length: 8"

(1) x 86" Background Support System Premium Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Construction

- Simple design allows easy adjustments to the height and width.
- Die cast steel for quality build.
- Cross bar consists of four sections, making it simple to adjust the width.
- Compatible with just about any type of background such as muslin, canvas, and paper.
- Background support stand with 1/4" mount thread to assemble a professional background support.
- Height: Adjustable from 2.6' - 9'
- Width: Adjustable from 5' - 10'
- Max load: 10 lbs.
- Comes with carrying bag: 3" x 8" x 31"(H x D x W)

(3) x 22" Octagonal Soft box with Light Socket White Soft Diffusion Fabric Silver Interior Velcro Assembly 8' On/Off Switch Cord Array Bag

- Adjustable light angles.
- Features cord & plug (8.5ft) and on/off switch.
- Light weight for movement anywhere.
- Universal mounting.
- Silver reflective interior for minimizing light loss and maximizing light spread.
- Black exterior.
- White external diffusion cover for softening light and reducing shadows
- Max bulb wattage of 105w CFL bulb
- Dimensions: 26" diameter 17" high
- Bulb base: E26 base..
- Bulb is not included.

(2) x 33" White/White Premium Shoot Through Umbrella Light Modifier with 8mm Shaft

- Made of high quality nylon material.
- White internal face and white outer side.
- Produces a neutral color temperature and eliminates glares and spots.
- Can be used with both flash and continuous lighting.
- Lightweight and easy to use.
- Adjustable light head for accurate light placement.
- Aluminum construction shaft.
- Shaft size: 8mm
- Size: 33" wide

(1) x 5' x 10' Chroma Key White Background

- Made with polyester material.
- Reflective and non-gloss surface.
- Lightweight, wrinkle resistant fabric.
- Size: 5' x 10'
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